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Black Lives Matter Derry & Belfast Rallies: Fines & Intimidation by Cops

Several images from #blacklivesmatter solidarity action this afternoon at the Guildhall Square in Derry. Members of the Industrial Workers of the World took part in the rally which was estimated to have been in excess of 1000 plus participants.

Earlier in the day several organisers of today's action were visited by the police and cautioned. At least one person from the North West Migrants Forum was threatened by the cops with "incitement" due to refusing to "call off" this afternoon's city centre event.

During today's rally a number of speakers spoke of the need for people to take action and to draw a line following the recent murder of George Floyd by cops in Miniappolous last week.

As members of the public gathered the cops targeted those in attendance for controvening recent Covid19 laws of gathering in a public place, issuing fines for attending the event.

At one stage the cops attempting to use a loud speaker to warned those in the Guildhall Square to "disperse" immediately only to be drowned out by a chorus chanting "No Justice No Peace".

For anyone who received a fined today, please hold on to ANY documentation given to you. This must be completely contested and fines scrapped.

At present there is a fundraiser for those subject to ANY fine in both Belfast and Derry:

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