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Blood Money Campaign actions in Ireland

(Eng below) မ​နေ့က အိုင်ယာလန် Primark အ​ရှေ့မှာလည်း Blood Money Campaignကို လုပ်​ဆောင်ခဲ့ပါတယ်။ August 8, 2021 Belfast & Derry (North Ireland)

Solidarity action in Derry and Belfast with workers in Myanmar today took place outside one of the many multinational companies still involved and investing in the ruthless regime murdering and imprisoning the trade union movement throughout Myanmar. @bloodmoneycampaign #bloodmoneymyanmar #1world1struggle #GlobalMayDay2021 #IWW #8888MemoryStrike #RedCampaign #8FingersStrike


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