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Call for International Solidarity with Bulgarian Syndicalists

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) expresses its concern at recent developments in Bulgaria in which syndicalists have been targeted for organising by the State.

Trade union activists have witnessed a wave of unprecedented attacks on members of the Bulgarian Medical Professionals Syndicate (SBMS) in Pirogov in recent weeks.

A spokesperson for the IWW Ireland Branch today said "We have received communiques detailing eyewitness accounts, directly from union activists who have documented and reported on a series of Medical professionals in Pirogov, being harassed and threatened by the Police officials. Over the last number of days members of the police in Pirogov were in direct contact with hospital management, ordering them to provide a full list of names of the union members."

"Tactics witnessed have sent a shockwave throughout both trade union and human rights movements as the actions resembled scenes practiced by the former secret security agencies which has to be condemned.

"We believe that these acts of intimidation by state representatives is not an isolated one as leading SBMS activists over the past number of months have faced unprecedented levels of disciplinary proceedings. Tactics now being used selectively against independent, fighting workers' unions, who are subjected to constant pressure and repression by the bosses, the state administration and "yellow unions".

"The Industrial Workers of the World add its voice to the growing list of unions objecting to the widespread intimidation of independent unionised workers throughout Bulgaria.

"We stand with all unionists and call upon all unions to demand an immediate end to all terror tactics by both the state and bosses alike against workers organising. An injury to one is an injury to all!"

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ireland Address: 22 Burlington Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 Telephone: +353 01 660 32 93, 01 660 30 22 Fax: +353 01 660 3915 Out-of-hours hotline for emergency cases: + 353 86 8167497 E-mail: Website:

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in London 186-188 Queen’s Gate Phone: +44 20 7581 3144, +44 20 75849400 Email:

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