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Couriers Ireland Statement

"We, The Riders of Dublin and Cork, are dissatisfied with the damaging changes that have taken place in the new set of rules for us to carry out our hard work.

We therefore claim:

• An effective increase in delivery values. Setting a minimum that is compatible with effort undertaken, as it was in the past (€ 4.30).

The minimum value has been reduced to € 2.90, but deliveries and their difficulties remain the same. We face adverse conditions such as rain, cold, risk of road accidents, “hacking” by taxi and bus drivers, delays in restaurants, difficulty in finding residences, communication with customers and having to wait 10 minutes in certain cases. We require the minimum value (€ 4.30) to return.

Why? Today, Riders wait 10 minutes at the restaurant, another 10 minutes to reach the address and another five minutes for the customer to come down or check communications on cell phones that deliveries are waiting for them outside. With this, we were able to make a maximum of three deliveries per hour, resulting in an average of € 8.70 per hour, far below the minimum (€ 9.85). Therefore, the value per day earned is € 69.60 for eight hours worked. Compared to the beginning of the year, when it was the wage was € 4.30, we are no longer receiving an average of € 35 per day more, which results in a 33% loss of what we previously received.

With this new format, we feel like slaves, like the property of Deliveroo. Not to mention the double orders, overpriced by the Deliveroo system, which garners a double value, however pays only one value to the deliveryman.

• Termination of the requirement for one delivery per hour.

This "obligation" that began to apply this week is already hurting some people with as a result of the drop in attendance. With this new method, Deliveroo harms the only person who cannot be harmed - the customer - as per the procedure described above. Thus, it is impossible to accept a new delivery within 10-15 minutes of closing time, because we only have 40-45 minutes to perform the delivery, while the other 15-20 minutes are spent on the last delivery. Any Rider, when accepting a delivery, evaluates whether the restaurant is operationally fast, if the delivery location is easily accessible, and especially, if the amount paid is fair for the distance between the restaurant and the customer.

Thus, this presents a conundrum; whether or not to accept a new order when a new hour starts. We believe that this new method is unreasonable and unfair.

These two points are not just claims; these are our everyday lives to which, we would like to sit and converse. We are the only part of the process that works among the two sides - restaurant and customer. What we are trying to express is that any decision you make, made in the comfort of your office, without consulting us, has a negative impact on our daily lives, our families, our rights as citizens, and the pride of wearing the shirt of the Deliveroo team.

We ask Deliveroo to re-evaluate these points here outlined and value the people who pedal for Deliveroo!"



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