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Derry Solidarity with the people of Palestine

Thousands of people turned out in solidarity with the people of Palestine across Ireland as many prepare to celebrate the incoming new year. In Derry several hundred people gathered at the cities iconic 'Peace Bridge' to demand an immediate end the the Israeli regimes campaign of terror and genocide against the people of Palestine.

Many of those gathered said it was an emotional act of solidarity with the people of Palestine, as protesters rallied across the entire length of the cities pedestrian bridge across the River Foyle. One demonstrator interviewed following today's event said, "I feel really emotional knowing that the people of Derry have come out to share their support and solidarity with the people of Palestine. We watched the news earlier today, seeing more innocent people being forced, again, to leave more areas of the Gaza strip.

"Places where refugees had already fled to, to avoid Israeli bombs. We watched innocent people being displaced and displaced again. Being bombed with no safe places to run to. It's devastating to watch but when you see the amount of people here today, I'm just so happy that the images coming out of our city will be one of solidarity with the innocent people of Palestine. Hundreds of us demanding an end to the war and genocide of Palestinians. I feel proud that they all feel the same as myself and who also wanted to act, and take to the streets to say enough is enough, this war has to stop immediately!"

A spokesperson from the Industrial Workers of the World in Derry spoke following today's action stating, "Today’s action in Derry has been really well attended with hundreds taking to the streets. It is vital that this type of visual solidarity actions continue. We met members of a number of unions taking part and that too is important. Unions have an important part to play in opposing the apartheid regime of Israel and the genocide they have brought to the people of Palestine.

"The international labour movement played a vital part in opposing the racist apartheid regime in South Africa. The same must be done in actively support the BDS movement internationally. Our union and its members are active participants in supporting the BDS campaign as well as the international labour movement.

"We must build on todays action and keep these protests on the streets. On the 13th January there will be a huge march and rally in Derry, which will take the same route as the original Civil Rights demonstration in solidarity with the people of Palestine and demand an end to the apartheid regime of Israel."



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