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Global May Day 2021: ONE WORLD, ONE FIGHT!

INTERNATIONAL | May Global 1th Manifesto - ONE WORLD, ONE FIGHT!

Worldwide, we workers and workers are subjected to levels of overrexploration to increase capitalist s' profit rates and their production system. Regardless of our place of residence, our gender, sexuality and nationality, whether or not, we are involved in the same struggle.

The cuts in public and social services, the precariousness of the work, the salary arroch, privatizations, the increase in cost of living, and the market in education and the destruction of ecosystems and the environment, are just some of the symptoms of the system global economic. A system based on exploitation and competition, which impose the mercantilization of all aspects of our lives.

We live in an increasing situation of exploitation, as well as alienating our needs and relations from work. This occurs with both workers and students, and increasingly with young people and children. The logic of markets and capitalist states imposes productivity and competition above human development.

Claiming for Universal Basic Income at a global level may be the first step towards moving forward in overcoming worker s' overcoming relations. We don't just want to stop, we want to impose our demands.

Considering the transnational nature of the capitalist system, it is also necessary to coordinate workers and workers globally. Connecting across borders and global relations that define our local conditions, making our struggles visible. This opens up new potentials and possibilities for action in the fight against exploitation and living conditions and work precarious. Worker s' ability to fight increases greatly with unity as an international working class.

Especially in times of chauvinism and racism, we crave a common fight, and we refuse to be thrown at each other. For a worthy life for all and all! Down the borders!

Note about the Coronavirus pandemic

The world continues to go through the severe Covid-19. pandemic. As in all crises, workers and poor are the most affected. Several companies oblige to continue producing without health conditions, denying the right to quarantine. Deepening mass resignations and autonomous and walking workers do not have any welfare. Immigrants and refugees live without dignified places and minimal health conditions.

We fight for:

- Guarantee of income and basic necessities for all workers and workers around the world;

- dignified social and health conditions for all and all;

- Guarantee of free and free access to Covid-19 vaccines worldwide;

- Immediate suspension of water, energy, gas, rentals, telephone and internet payments.

May the rich pay for their crisis!

Participating in the Global May Day 2021 initiative:

SAC Syndikalisterna-Sweden ∙ IWW Ireland- Oibrithe Tionsclaíocha an Domhain Éireann ∙ CGT Confederación-Spain ∙ Bristol IWW-United Kingdom ∙ IWW im deutschsprachigen Raum-Germany ∙ Freie Arbeiterinnen- und Arbeiter-Union-Germany ∙ গার্মেন্ট śramika ṭrēḍa i'uniẏana kēndra (GWTUC) - Bangladesh ∙ FOB-Brazil ∙ In/Progress-Poland ∙ Schwarz-Roter 1. Mai HH-Germany

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