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Hospitality & Tech Workers Organising

Are you a worker within the Hospitality or IT sectors? Are you interested in helping to organise and to stand up for your rights within your place of work?If so, the IWW Ireland Branch are planning to hold an online organising meeting within the next several weeks. The meeting will be for members within the Hospitality industry (pubs, cafes, hotels, restaurants etc) and the IT industry (graphics, design, social media, communication, programming etc) to meet with union organisers in the Ireland Branch.

What will this meeting be?

It will be a chance for us to meet one another, to look at what the union can offer in terms of support and training, as well as to discuss how we as Hospitality and IT workers can best support each other locally on the ground by sharing information, knowledge and solidarity in obtaining your rights at work collectively.

The aim of this online meeting is to look at organising and establishing workplace committees so that we can assist members directly in their own workplace on issues we have to deal with daily. These organising committees will be made up of union organisers and members working within the Hospitality and IT industries.

With support from the wider branch, it will help launch recruitment campaigns to encourage new members in different workplaces.

What is a workplace committee?

A Workplace Committee is a group of workers in a single workplace, who come together to raise concerns and grievances in a democratic manner and to fight for better working conditions in the workplace.

A local committee is made up of workers from different workplaces who help coordinate campaigns and solidarity within a geographic area.

A Regional Network would help lead campaigns around sections of the industry to help boost recruitment and reinforce Local Committees and Workplace Committees.

What do we need from you?

If you work within the Hospitality or IT industries, then we would ask you to please get in touch and take part in the planned online meeting. Please reply to the union email issued directly to members email accounts this week. (Please check your junk and spam folders in case you have missed it)

If you have any questions, just send an email to



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