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Tech Workers Called To Unionise The Fight!

News of proposed mass layoffs at TikTok Ireland have sent shock waves through the IT sector.  The global social media company TikTok in Ireland have yet to confirm a figure on proposed layoffs however despite this, the news has been widely condemned by workers and unions alike.

The action is seen as part of the firms ‘global restructuring’ plans as well as an EU investigation into TikTok’s potential DSA breaches.

Over the past few months, news of tech layouts in Ireland has rattled the industry which is largely seen as non-unionised, due to the nature of the tech industry.  Tech firms such as Tencent and Cisco have already shared news of planned cuts to their global workforce with a sizeable amount said to be impacting upon the tech industry across Ireland.  And now with TikTok’s announcements figures are said to be ‘in the thousands’ across the industry locally.

A spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Ireland has called upon tech workers “to unionise in an attempt to fight off job cuts and protect workers rights and entitlements” at this time.

“The tech industry both here in Ireland or globally is sometimes an isolating place in terms of workers organising in the sector.  This has benefited the tech bosses only in ensuring workers are not unionised properly.  When it comes to fighting against conditions and possible job cuts, it is never too late to organise or unionise especially within the tech industry. 

“As a union, we would call upon workers to reject the notions installed bey the managers and bosses of the tech industry, and help support one another by unionising your workplace as it is never too late to do so.   

 “For those workers now facing the prospect of possible redundancies wherever you work.  You still have rights as workers and those tech firms still have legal requirements to comply with whether or not they are a local or international company.  Certain rights and conditions are protected under employment law.

“Our advice as a union, is that when you are discussing possible cuts or layoffs to between yourself and your fellow workers, discuss the prospect of unionising together.  Your can join the IWW for as little as €2 and you have the strength and solidarity with other tech workers. To defend what rights and conditions you have, together against those who would make you feel that you have no rights or power at all to protect.  Helping to unionise your workplace is the first and the best steps that any worker can do right now.  Help unionise the fight where you live or work.”

You can join the IWW by clicking on the following link: 



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