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Information on County Clare Wobblie sought

As part of an ongoing history project by members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), we are preparing to honour the union victims of the Centralia Tragedy in Centralia, Washington back in 1919.

As part of our efforts to recognise the I.W.W. "Victims" of the tragedy, we have been working to locate living family members of the I.W.W. victims who were killed and/or jailed as part of this historic event in labour history. A tragedy in which a number of union members were killed or imprisoned attempting to unionise workers and to defend their union building amidst an orchestrated campaign by the United States government of the day, to prevent all union organising activities by the IWW.

In particular, we are attempting to reach out to one representatives family, known as James McInerney, an IWW member back in 1919 who died in prison. He was one of many Irish worker's who emigrated to North America at the beginning of the last century for a better life.

To date, we have uncovered several living descendents "in America" of other Irish victims of the Centralia Tragedy, but sadly, none of James McInerney's family, who it is believed hailed from County Clare, Ireland.

In preparation to remember and honour all those IWW victims, we would kindly request that anyone believed to be related to James McInerney, County Clare, to consider reaching out to the IWW union. This is in order to allow us to complete the circle, as we prepare to commemorate all those members involved in the Centralia Tragedy.

You can contact the Centralia Memorial Committee via the IWW Ireland Branch by emailing

In Solidarity,

Centralia Memorial Committee.



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