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International Women's Day: The Struggle Continues!

On International Women's Day, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Ireland branch reaffirms our commitment to the women of our communities: to fight against the patriarchy, and to celebrate the powerful work of women throughout history.

The heart of the IWW is resistance to power. Patriarchy is an insidious system of unjust power that oppresses women and girls in every aspect of our society. It is a system that must be dismantled and eradicated to bring justice and true freedom to women, and to us all.

We are rightly proud of the long history of radical women in the IWW. Since our beginnings Wobblies have been led by women, sought to recruit women when others would not, and stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight for women's rights. But looking to our past is not enough.

IWW is dedicated to seeking out those ways in which we still uphold the patriarchy and, through honest examination, to root them out. This year we aim to strengthen our Equalities work with a new Equalities Committee, stronger access and conduct policies, and specific training on women's solidarity and anti-patriarchal action.

IWW recognises women who are multiply oppressed; women who are targeted by racism, religious hatred, transphobia, queerphobia, and intolerance of migrants.

We are committed to solidarity with these women and to fight by their sides.

Where bigots and the far-right have come out with their nonsense protests, IWW has been there to show them that their hatred is unwelcome and will not be tolerated.

In 2023, as this kind of hate is becoming more and more palpable, Wobblies will continue to stand against it in our work and on our streets.

When women's rights are under attack, we will stand up and fight back!


As part of this years international women’s day celebrations the IWW Ireland Branch have looked at women within the union who have and continue to inspire the struggle today.

For our IWD poster we have used the images of women activists such as Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Mother Jones, Lucy Gonzales Parsons, Anna Campbell, Eva Lynch and Judi Bari who through their activism still inspire many within the union and beyond our ranks. If you would like to get involved and help continue the struggle for working class emancipation then we urge you to join the IWW today.

For more information & How to join the IWW


IWW Ireland leaflet below

IWD 2023
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