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International Workers Day 2022

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World gathered in Belfast earlier today to take part in this year's annual May Day March and Rally, the first in the city since Covid restrictions.

A spokesperson for the IWW Belfast Branch said during today's action that "This year's event coincides with Global May Day which the IWW has play a part in organising with other revolutionary unions such as the FOB in Brazil, FAU in Germany, SAC Sweden, GWTUC in Bangladesh as well as Earth Strike.

"It is vital that we raise awareness and make the connection between climate justice and class struggle. As part of a week of events Global May Day has organised a series of online events such as film screenings. Through this we are highlighting the many different worker led struggles from farms workers to community resistance to toxic gold mining in the Sperrins.

"For ourselves here at the Belfast march and rally our May Day message comes from one of the founding members of our union, James Connolly. As revolutionary figure who still holds importance and influence to many as a working class revolutionary. In 2022, our demands are still most moderate in that We Only Want The Earth!"

Video footage HERE

To find out more you can go to the Global May Day site HERE #1world1struggle #WeOnlyWantTheEarth


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