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Demo-manifestation in support of 8 March 2023 for Dr Maria Kubisa from Szczecin.(PL)

To mark International Women’s Day, a day of class struggle in which we stand united against prejudice, injustice and inequality, members of IWW Poland Szczecin were present at several demonstrations last week. A demonstration of solidarity for Dr Maria Kubisa and all those who have been victims of this regime.

Some time ago, the CBA “arrested” the entire medical records of the patients of gynaecologist Dr Maria Kubisa, dating back to 1996. Amongst other things, the pages contain information about pregnancies, births, miscarriages, infertility treatment, past illnesses and many women’s ailments. Because gynaecology is not only about pregnancies and births, but many other women’s ailments, which the Szczecin prosecutor had the opportunity to familiarise himself with, along with the names of specific patients. The documentation was “held” for 2 months so that the regime apparatus could find what it was looking for. It did not find it. During this time, Dr Kubisa’s patients were deprived of care, putting them at risk of losing their health or perhaps their lives, as the prosecutor also ‘arrested’ the telephone and computer. So what was the prosecutor looking for that was more important than the health and lives of Dr Kubisa’s female patients?

“I will not allow myself to be vilified. I will not allow myself to be vilified,” - Dr Kubisa says.

“Ever since Julia Przyłębska’s tribunal [i.e. 22 October 2020] announced the verdict ordering women to give birth to stillborn fetuses, I have stopped carrying out pregnancies in Poland. I would have to tell the woman that I could not help her.”

She outlined how she had been harassed by the prosecutor’s office, the CBA and the police. She wrote how there had been a “witch hunt” outside her house for three years. For her safety, the doctor installed a camera on her house.

When the regime harms her, we stand by her!

Dr Maria Kubisa has always been on the side of all her patients. For her, trans or queer patients are treated with full respect, professionalism and empathy.

We do not agree that some prosecutor should have access to our private data! We do not agree with the way the Polish power camp, the services subordinate to them, the medical institutions, the church and the “legal” system treat women. We do not agree with a ‘pregnancy register’! We do not agree to wait until a fetus dies in a woman’s womb, which will kill her! We do not agree to be forced to give birth to dead or incapacitated beings! My body, my choice!

Dr Kubisa, with tears in her eyes, thanked every person who came to the demonstration in support of her and her steadfastness.


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