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IWW: Help Stop Wage Theft Where You Work!

Campaign against Wage Theft continues over the holiday season in Derry to help highlight the continuing attacks on workers within the hospitality sector.

A spokesperson for the IWW Derry Branch said that "This is the time of year when there is an added pressure on workers in bar's, restaurants and cafes sectors. More demands are heaped upon workers who are expected to endure much more hardship than they usually have to face. There's more people going out celebrating, eating out and enjoying themselves with little or no thought for workers at this time. However some bosses are more concerned with making as much profits as possible and in doing so ignoring or stepping upon workers rights.

"Many workers feel they can't challenge their bosses for fear of being let go. Things like zero hour contracts are seen as normal practice and the withholding of tips. We have come across bosses not paying the minimum wage or not paying overtime. Many workers think its normal for bosses to expect you to work through your breaks and even not to be paid for trial shifts. This is totally unacceptable and something which can and should be challenged. You can do that by joining the IWW today and build a union in your workplace, collectively with your coworkers, to become a strong voice that can make demands to better work conditions.

"Together we can effectively challenge those bosses who feel they can use and abuse workers in whatever way they feel like. The Industrial Workers of the World believe we together as workers can put an end to this type of abusive behaviour. Reach out and help unionise your workplace."

You can contact the local branch for support and solidarity at

You can join the IWW today wherever you work or live by clicking on the following link



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