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IWW: Solidarity Against Fascism in Rojava

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

It is with great sadness and anger that IWW members across the island of Ireland acknowledge the news of the invasion of Rojava by Turkey on the 9/10/19.

The struggles Rojava and its people have endured and continue to uphold, struggles of liberation from capital, patriarchy, religious oppression, climate disaster and the myriad forces of reaction, have rightfully earned them the respect of workers the world over.

The pursuit of conquest by Turkey is seen for what it is; Fascistic imperialism born of xenophobia disguising elements of radical islamism.

Nations across the world seem content to look on in uneasy inaction if not outright turning a blind eye to the plight of the Yazidi, Syriac,Kurd and Internationalist fighting in the face of this renewed onslaught.

It is a proverb of the Kurds that the only friends they have are the mountains. It is up to us as the Workers of the World to prove this saying wrong through direct action, to demonstrate our Fellow Workers do not stand alone and to ensure the hard fought futures of our Fellow Workers remain.

This is a condemnation of the actions of Turkey and all those that enable them. This is a declaration of solidarity and a call to direct action to support all those on the ground fighting for a better world. Biji Rojava


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