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IWW Solidarity with Pablo Hasel

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The Industrial Workers of the World has tonight extended its solidarity with the Catalan musician Pablo Hasel who this evening, is facing a lengthy prison sentence for writing lyrics which denounced the Spanish monarchy as well as its paramilitary police force.

Last week in his absence, Spanish Courts sentenced Pablo to 9 months imprisonment for 'glorifying terrorism, and slandering the crown and state institutions'. They issued a further call for the talented rapper to hand himself into the state authorities.

Tonight, barricaded within Lleida University, Pablo tweeted to his friends and supporters, "They'll have to break in to take me and jail me," as supporters gathered outside in the streets surrounding his home town University.

"The IWW, through the IU 630 - Performing Arts, Recreation and Tourism Workers, adds it's name to the growing list of artists and writers who rightfully reject the tactics of the Spanish State to deliberately extinguish freedom of speech and all forms of dissent.

"It is up to each of us to raise our voices against this and other forms of targeting and harassment of artists.

"We demand the immediate release of Pablo Hasel and the rights of all artists to be allowed to continue their work, free from the fear attack, torture or incarceration".


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