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IWW: Workers Solidarity With Palestine

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World in Ireland took part in a series of international actions in solidarity with workers in Palestine in an effort to assist the call made by Palestinian Trade Unions Call for immediate and urgent action from International Trade Unions.

A spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World in Ireland in a statement said "The IWW have taken part in ongoing actions across the country to help echo the call made by fellow workers in the Palestinian trade unions and workers’ organisations to take immediate action in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

"We have been consistent in our objection to the campaign of terror, violence and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians in Gaza, Sheikh Jarrah, Lydd and Haifa - of which Palestinian workers bare the brunt of this violence inflicted upon them by the Israeli State. Earlier this week workers across Palestine held the first General Strike in recent history in an effort workers in opposition to the brutality of Israel’s war machine from continuing its massacres even further.

"As part of that action, unions internationally like the IWW stood with these Palestinian workers to speak out and to take action against this ongoing oppression and call a halt in support for racist regime. In doing so in international solidarity we demand social justice and human rights and for all Palestinian workers. We call for immediate labour-led sanctions against these oppressive regimes such as an the full support for a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the Israeli regime.

"It is vital that workers speak out, create solidarity actions and where possible participate in future general strikes called by Palestinian workers by holding protests and vigils. Just as dockers in Italy have taken immediate action by refusing to handle military cargo destined for the Israeli regime we too can encourage other workers to do likewise."

In Derry IWW members gathered at Free Derry Wall in solidarity with the people of Palestine following relentless bombings carried out by Israeli State military.

A number of speakers reiterated international calls for an end to the bombings of innocent civilians and a complete boycott of Israeli goods similar to that of the global campaign which assisted the end of the apartheid regime in South Africa. Members of the IWW carried a banner which read 'No War But The Class War.'

This weekend solidarity actions coincided with a series of similar actions nationally in locations such as Belfast, Dublin, Newcastle, Maynooth, Galway, Limerick, Tralee, Newry, Navan, Ennis and Cork, and of course internationally of which members of the Industrial Workers of the World took part in actions in London, Glasgow, Cardiff. In Dublin IWW members joined with several thousand people who marched on the Israeli Embassy.


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