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Protests Demand Justice for Marina

On Tuesday, 15 August, members of the Dublin group took part in a coordinated action in multiple cities across Ireland and Britain against the employer 'British Council'.

The action was in response to the unjustified sacking of a member of the TEFL workers union by Impellam Group, a contractor employed by the British Council. The worker was let go after raising concerns that the scheduling system was harmful to the staff's mental health.

The Dublin group presented a letter of intent to the British Council before distributing leaflets outside. There was a positive response by passers-by and workers in the building.

In Belfast members of the Industrial Workers of the World staged a protest on the streets outside the offices of Blue Arrow - Impellam in the city centre. An IWW workplace representative hand delivered a letter of protest on behalf of the union, after speaking directly to a member Blue Arrow - Impellam outling concerns at the treatment of English language teachers at their third floor office.

"After delivery of our letter, we informed them that a solidarity protest would begin outside the building to raise awareness of Marina's case. Speaking to the lunchtime passers by we distributed several hundred information leaflets calling on justice for Marina. Our information stall also gave us the chance to talk with members of the public in relation to our demands."

As the protest came to a close, members of the IWW went to the offices of the British Council at The Boat building on Queens Square in Belfast. Again a workplace representative of the IWW delivered a letter to the Director of the British Council highlighting the treatment of English Language Teachers and in particular Marina.

Again members gathered outside the British Council offices with union flags and a banner demanding 'Justice for Marina'. As reports of actions come in, similar actions have taken place in Sheffield and London.

Demand Justice fro Marina - An injury to one is an injury to all!



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