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Solidarity with CNT Xixón: Syndicalism is NOT A Crime!

The Industrial Workers of the World extends its solidarity with the 6 CNT trade union activists sentenced to 3.5 years in prison and to the payment of 150,428 euros by Judge Lino Rubio Mayo in the Spanish State.

Their crime? For trade union activists taking care of members in struggle with the bosses. Back in 2017, a worker reached out to the CNT union in Xixón to obtain payment for the overtime and vacations that the employer owed her.

The woman, also suffered from her boss, who did not mind commenting on her body, her partner or her motherhood.

The situation reached such a point that, while she was pregnant, her boss forced her to carry a 25-kilo sack of flour, immediately causing bleeding that ended up in the hospital due to the risk of miscarriage.

The complaint for harassment was filed, but she, and 5 colleagues who agreed and supported her throughout the process, have now been sentenced to three and a half years in prison for crimes of coercion and obstruction of justice as a result of taking action against the boss.

"They condemn us for being women who take care of women, for being supportive to our members, for not being silent, they condemn us because we don't conform.

"Because neither our bodies nor our dignity are for sale. They condemn us because even with fear WE DO NOT GO BACK."

But the case of Xixón is not the only one. In Madrid, Iruña, Barcelona, ​​Valencia... cases of repression against women continue to accumulate.

The IWW continues to extend our solidarity with all workers involved echoing the call that Syndicalism is NOT a Crime!


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