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Solidarity with Palestinian Workers

The newest tragedy unfolding in Palestine reminds all of us to remain vocal in our opposition to oppression and war.

Thousands have rightly taken to the streets, friends of Palestine, anti- war trade unions as well as the countless exiled dispossessed Palestinian communities, in their opposition to this new wave of bloodshed. Members of the Industrial Workers of the World have joined in demonstrations throughout the country to add their voice to demand an end to the terror inflicted upon the people in Palestine and an end to the illegal occupation.

A spokesperson for the IWW in Ireland in a statement said "Since our inception in 1905, the IWW has stood against all wars. Wars are caused by capitalist governments, and anti-working- class leaders and movements, for the economic and political benefit of the rich and their systems.

"The relentless waves of attacks and repression are just adding fuel to the current situation. What is for certain is that this terror has to end immediately to prevent further tragedies. As the military of apartheid Israel prepares for a genocidal ground invasion of Gaza, as a union we call upon our brothers and sisters internationally within the labour movement to echo the demands for an immediate ceasefire, to allow urgent humanitarian aid in to Gaza and to ensure the lives of all Palestinians to be protected from further oppression.

"As a union, we have been consistent in our objection to the campaign of terror and violence which Palestinian workers have been subjected to by the Israeli occupation and oppression machine.

"In international solidarity we demand social justice and human rights for all Palestinians. We call for immediate labour-led support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against the Israeli regime."



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