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Solidarity with Workers in Palestine

In Derry as in other parts of the country trade union, Palestinian and community activists gathered in solidarity with the people of Palestine on the 75th anniversary of Nakba. An event which marked the displacement of almost one million Palestinan people from their homes.

The event was organised by the Derry Palestine Solidarity Committee as a number of speakers called for an immediate end to the terror of Israels racist state war machine, as well as several harrowing personal testimonies from some of those who spoke.

A member of the IWW in Derry said following the event that "This is probably one of the largest solidarity gatherings held at Free Derry Corner for some time so it's heartening to see this support and solidarity with the people of Palestine. Throughout Ireland there are a number of similar rallies being held today as part of a day of international solidarity with the Palestinan people.

"For ourselves as a union, our members have stood with the workers of Palestine and will continue to do so to demand an end to the daily horrors being carried out by of the Israeli State war machine. We are here in Derry, Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Galway in solidarity with the workers of Palestine. Our union supports the calls made today in demanding an end to this terror and an end the apartheid state of Israel."



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