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Stand By Debenhams Workers Boycott Campaign

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) have echoed demands by ex-Debenhams workers in their call for the public to officially boycott the multinational company this Christmas.

The call comes as a delegation of ex-Debenhams workers formally met with Taoiseah Micheál Martin. The result of which is that the Irish government will only now consider to endorse an intermediary to work with both the workers and representatives of the British multinational firm Debenhams to reach a conclusion to the long running dispute.

A representative of the Industrial Workers of the World stated following yesterdays meeting that: “Our union fully supports the Debenhams workers in their quest to bring the current situation to a successful conclusion for all former members of staff. In the mouth of the current holiday season it is disrespectful in the extreme that workers still have to defend their rights on picket lines to obtain a full redundancy payment which is rightfully theirs.

“In doing so the call for a full boycott of Debenhams products, be that online or in-store, is fully supported and endorsed by the IWW who will continue to assisted workers across the country.

"We echo the call now made by former Debenhams workers that all Debenhams Stores should be boycotted on Black Friday and every other day until they are paid fully what is owed to them.

"We must not allow workers to be left isolated in the face of such attacks by bosses or ruthless debt collection companies. For unions such as the IWW, it is our view that an injury to any worker is an injury to all workers!"


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