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Stand with Debenhams workers: IWW

This coming Saturday 8th August Debenhams Workers including their families and the trade union movement will hold a national demonstration to further highlight their demands to be immediately pay workers their redundancy and wages owed to them.

Since Debenhams pulled the plug on their staff workers have remained confident and defiant in their fight against the bosses in demanding what is rightly their. From protests, pickets, blockades and occupations of Debenham Stores throughout the country to show that they will not sit idly by while bosses attempt to sell off the contents of stores to pay their creditor's first. This must be allowed to happen - Pay the Workers what is rightfully owed to them now!

A spokesperson for the Industrial Workers of the World stated earlier today that "We fully support Debenhams Workers who have taken the fight to the streets and the picket lines. In an time of widespread redundancies north and south, bosses have used the cover of a pandemic to firstly secure their profits first and abandoning workers to unemployment lines and increased poverty.

"We need to be vocal in our demands and remind the bosses that we will no tolerate such ruthless behaviour when workers are targeted in such a brutal way. The issue of workers wages or redundancy payments must be addressed first and foremost. We encourage any and all workers in the weeks and months ahead face with the sack or redundancy to unionise, picket, occupy, protest and strike to resist attacks from the bosses.

"We support Debenhams workers in their ongoing struggle and call upon everyone to help increase the pressure for the value of the stock in the Debenhams stores to be directly used to pay workers our redundancy and owed wages. We must unsure that no worker is left isolated as an injury to one must mean an injury to all."

Please play your part and mobilise, encourage your fellow workers and trade union members to mobilise in solidarity with Debenhams workers this coming Saturday 8th August as part of national demonstration.

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