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Strike Wave Continues for Pay Parity

This week members of the Industrial Workers of the World took part in a number of solidarity actions in support of a wave of industrial action by workers across the North from a number of sectors. From Education to Civil Service, to the Health Service seen strike action take place throughout the North. One of the main unifying demands workers had across a several of the trade unions involved was the call for Pay Parity with workers in both England and Scotland.

At a picket line in Derry's Altnagelvin Hospital, Health worker's were joined by workers from the Civil Service and Education sectors in what was a powerful show of strength by worker's not witnessed in the city for a number of years.

One Health Care worker on strike said "Today’s strike action was really something else. The number of worker's involved showed clearly that our demands are just and the support has been amazing. From passers-by, passing vehicles to patients themselves coming out to show their support, it just means so much.

"At today's rally we heard speakers from a number of unions, I think there was seven unions in total, who spoke to express their solidarity, and the need to continue the fight until our demands are fully achieved. This is what solidarity looks like."

Meanwhile in Belfast Wobblies also took part in solidarity actions at a number of picket lines while Food Not Bombs attended one picket line in a show of solidarity with workers.

A spokesperson for the IWW said that "Over the coming weeks workers will continue strike action and the need for them to be supported remains high. We need to see more of what we witnessed today. The gesture of solidarity and support with workers taking industrial action, as can be seen in both Belfast and Derry this week, should be a priority. This has helped to boost morale at a time when the government as well as the bosses are refusing to even engage with the many different unions involved.

"As a revolutionary union, we believe that worker solidarity in any form, large or small, gives support and encouragement to workers to continue to build further on what is already there. Wherever you work or live, we would call upon members and supporters to organise, reach out and create solidarity for workers fighting back".


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