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Thousands Rally For Choice in Belfast

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World joined with several thousand friends and comrades earlier today in central Belfast to demand a free, safe, legal and local abortion service across the North as well as the immediate decriminalisation of abortion on the island of Ireland. The annual Rally for Choice was organised by a number of grassroots activists and volunteers today witnessed a huge sea change following the Repeal the 8th victory in south as hundreds took part in today's march and rally in Belfast.

A spokesperson for the IWW Ireland Branch spoke following todays rally stated "Each speaker today informed those present that change was indeed within reach however we mustn't stop until our demands for free, safe, legal and local, and decriminalised abortion services across Ireland are fully implemented.

"Today our banner one again read Abortion Rights are Workers Rights which has been our call throughout the past number of years. It is vital that workers and the trade union movement continues to demand abortion rights on the streets until those goals are fully achieved."


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