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Dalradian Gold Out! End Toxic Gold Mining Now!

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The world over is littered with many shocking examples of the damage gold mining and toxic mining generally does to our earth, our water, our land and the air we breathe. It shows us the importance of the need for all of us, in our communities and place of work, to raise our voices against their proposed construction.

For that reason as a union, the Industrial Workers of the World, actively oppose and reject Dalradian Golds toxic gold mining operations in the Sperrin mountains which straddles the Tyrone and Derry countryside on the outskirts of Derry.

It is vital that we call-out the deliberate attacks and intimidation directed at the many activists and communities who rightly stand-up and oppose the destruction of the land, the environment and the communities we all form part of across the Sperrins.

Now is not a time to remain silent surrounding the impending destruction of our environment by any multinational corporations and the implications that toxic gold mining will have on the lives of workers and our communities.

As a union, we believe Dalradians poisonous agenda must be brought to an end to help protect people's lives and that of our environment. That will only be realised when we build workplace and community solidarity against those who seek to profit from the destruction of our earth.

Demand an end to toxic gold mining in our Sperrins.

Demand Dalradian Out Now! #dalradianout

For more info and solidarity check out: @GreencastlePeople'sOffice @Cooperate Against Mining in Omagh @CAMIO Communities Against Mining



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