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Foyle Pride: Trans Rights Are Workers Rights!

The Industrial Workers of the World took part in this years 30th Foyle Pride celebrations in Derry. The event is the only Pride Festival in Ireland which is deliberately free from multinational corporations and police involvement “which in itself is a cause for celebration” said a spokesperson for IWW Unions Derry Branch.

A spokesperson for the IWW spoke during yesterdays event as it weaved its way through the streets of the city stated “It's important that the IWW as a union attend such an event as Foyle Pride. The event organisers deserve credit for the series of brilliant events held throughout the week leading to todays annual Pride march. Derry is a special place in which we celebrate independent self-organisation, free for the control of the state and of big business which in itself is a cause for celebration.

“As an independent, grassroots revolutionary union, the IWW are here to celebrate Pride as a protest with our members, and our LGBTQI+ brothers and sisters who continue to fight in the workplace and in our communities. against attacks.”

“Our flags are both union and antifascist as a reminder that the battle against fascism is far from over. For revolutionary syndicalists we believe that it will never be over without the full liberation and autonomy of the LGBTQIA+ community. As antifascists we have to remain ever vocal, be it on days such as today as always by demanding that TRANS RIGHTS ARE WORKERS RIGHTS!

Footage from yesterdays 30th anniversary Foyle Pride in Derry. Wobblies at the back (of course) 10 mins into the video



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