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IWD demonstrations held across Ireland

This year's International Women's Day events across the country understandably has taken the shape of highlighting the ongoing genocide of Palestinians at the hands of the Zionist regime.

To date an estimated 31,000 people have been murdered whilst the rest of the population of Gaza have been subjected subjected to constant bombing. Those figures are growing every minute of everyday.

We spoke to one union representative who participated in the demonstration that weaved its way through Derry city marking International Women’s Day.

The demonstration itself was jointly organised by both Derry IPSC and Alliance for Choice Derry who were among many groups and individuals participating in the event.

One IWW member spoke on why the union was taking part stated: "As a union we take part in similar events and we do so knowing that in other parts of the would our members, many other unions and thousands of other participating in like minded demonstrations and with a unifying message. To demand equality and social justice.

"Our unifying message is one that's against capitalism, racism and the right of all women and non-binary people to live and work in safety, free from the threat of social marginalisation, exploitation and state brutality.

"This year's international solidarity as you can see correctly focuses in on what is playing out in Palestine. The message from here, from across the country be that in Derry, Donegal, Belfast, Cork or in Dublin is clear. We send our love and solidarity at this time to the women in Palestine who face war, famine and genocide at the hands of the Israeli regime support fully by the US snd UK government's.

"Our demands can be heard in the chants from today's demonstrations and that's for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the occupation of Palestine."

IWW International Women’s Day statement 2024 can be found HERE


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