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IWW Organiser Training: Register Today


The IWW regularly offers training such as Rep Training or Organiser Training for members which can be both in person and online for all our members. We are currently scheduling places for members to take part in Organising Training. If you would like to attend then we ask for you to register today.

If you are interested in attending, please reply to this email

What is the training about?

This training explains exactly what you need and can do to help organise your workplace as an active IWW member.

This will give you an insight into how best you can address issues involved in building a union in your place of work. It will take you through many different examples of how best you can organise in a difficult environment and how best to unionise with solidarity and support from the union.

It will give you good understanding of basic workplace organising which you may find useful in your organising activities!

Who can attend?

Any member of the IWW is welcome to attend the course - Places note that course number are limited.



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