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Labour Movement Solidarity with BDS: Boycott Apartheid Israel!

Trade unionists across the world remain strong in their opposition to the Israeli regime and their war on the people of Palestine.

In Melbourne, Australia unions continue to disrupt Israeli goods as protests at a number of posts gather strength in opposing the ongoing Gaza genocide.

Over 400 trade unionists and activists gathered in protest as part of “Unionists for Palestine” campaign at the gates of Patrick’s terminal at Swanson Dock in Melbourne on this week.

A cargo ship, Zim Sparrow, which is operated by the Israeli Zim shipping corporation had to be diverted away from the port to Port Kembla, as it committed itself to supply goods for the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

Union activists said that the shipping corporation, Zim, operates over 70 cargo ships globally. To date unions across the world, including ports in Catalonia, have actively engaged with the BDS movement in their efforts to disrupt the Israeli war machine against Palestinian workers.

A spokesperson from the Industrial Workers of the World, Ireland Branch said that "It is vital that we all continue to engage with the BDS movement, locally, nationally or globally. It's another form of grassroots direct action against the war and genocide of the Israeli regime. We can be actively boycotting Israeli goods in our homes, our communities and it our place of work.

"As we have seen with the racist apartheid regime in South Africa. The international boycott campaign proved to be an essential part of bringing that racist regime to an end. That movement was supported directly by the IWW and the international labour movement of which our members are part of.

"Likewise today we must continue to encourage and actively support the ongoing work of the BDS movement internationally and demand an end to the apartheid regime of Israel, occupation of Palestine and an immediate end to the unfolding genocide before our very eyes."

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