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Poisonous Gold Mining Has To Stop: IWW

What is for sure is that greedy multinationals, such as international toxic gold mining company Dalradian Gold, will stop at nothing to try and extract gold from the Sperrins mountain range. Recent news articles churned out by the press of tree planting projects with local schools simply doesn't wash with our communities.

One "local paper" proclaimed that the poisonous mining firm has worked its way into local schools under the guise of supplying lucrative toxic funds as part of an "environmental" project. One such project suggested that an estimated 700 native trees would be planted with the assistance of local school children in order to help enhance the environment.

A representative of the Industrial Workers of the World in the North West criticised the announcement as "poisonous". In a statement issued by the union's environmental spokesperson said: "We have all sadly witnessed similar sweeteners being handed out with equal media fanfare similar to this over the past number of years. It has to be the oldest trick in the book.

"In other countries in which multinational mining companies have racked untold environmental destruction, similar behaviour has been something of the norm. Cash for schools or sports groups, and cash for this that and the other. It's all carefully designed to buy-off or silence future opposition to their overall plan's. It is sinister, calculated and ruthless.

"In this latest fanfare we have a huge tree planting project, said to be with local schools, it is nothing short of poisonous. A toxic gold mining company such as Dalradian, seemingly interested in funding the planting of several hundred native trees is something that should sound alarm bells across the entire community.

"No amount of tree planting would help prevent or cancel out the devastation left behind after what a toxic gold mining project would do on our community and the lives of our children they used to plant trees.

"Their toxic slush funds are endless compared to the vast profits these companies could make following the destruction of our landscape and the lives of future generations of children.

"Each and everyone of us, as well as our communities will be directly effected by the poisonous plan's brought on by gold mining in the Sperrins. So too will it effect the very land, our water tributaries and air we breathe. We must continue to support grassroots community opposition to toxic gold mining and protect our earth from pollution and profit"

Toxic Dalradian Mining Propaganda Passes for Journalism here


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