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Solidarity With Greencastle Community: No To Toxic Gold Mining

The radical union, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) has spoken out against a series of attacks upon the Greencastle Community who have been holding up against toxic gold mining multinationals Dalradian.

Over the holiday period caravans at Greencastle People's Office was attacked and damaged by unknown individuals, thought to be opposed to protecting the environment from poisonous gold mining activities. The isolated site based within the Sperrin mountains, is known globally as a meeting point for the Greencastle Community who have steadfastly rejected the environmental destruction of a region noted as a place of outstanding natural beauty. On their social media page, a representative of the Greencastle People's Office said "We know when Dalradian is hurting for their minions come out in force torturing and intimidating us, taking every opportunity to cause us misery. The past week has seen an increase in attacks against campaigners and a few nights ago the window of the GPO caravan was once again smashed, the acts themselves has been cowardly and uncalled for, a sure sign that Dalradian is angry and struggling to counteract the negative PR our campaigning is causing."

A spokesperson for the IWW said those responsible would "never deflect attention away from community efforts made over the last number of years in saving the land and our environment from total devastation created by gold mining in the Sperrins".

"We oppose those who are clearly attempting to intimidate and further terrorise a peaceful community, at a time when most people will be enjoying the festive holidays. Over the past number of years the people of Greencastle have had just about everything thrown at them but they remain undeterred.

"The success of the community led campaign has highlighted the ruthlessness of gold mining time and time again. It has rightfully shown just how these people will stop at nothing in their pursuit of profit and greed, with no odds given to the land and the communities it will ultimately destroy.

"A community response is needed now to rally with the people of Greencastle. As a union we extend our solidarity with the people of Greencastle. The campaign to end toxic gold mining in the Sperrins will not stop, as evidence shows us clearly how gold mining in the Sperrins will directly impact upon the lives of thousands of workers and the communities we live in as a result their environmental destruction.

"We support the people of the Sperrins and immediately demand an end to the poisonous gold mining of our earth. In 2022 Dalradian Gold should pack up and leave the people of Greencastle and the Sperrins community to live in peace."



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