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Thousands Attend National Day of Solidarity Against Racism

The Industrial Workers of the World was in attendance at the solidarity march yesterday as part of a radical bloc of socialists and anarchists.

It was brilliant to see such a broad coalition of political organisations, trade unions, sports clubs, and people, come out to oppose the far right and call for better conditions for all. The atmosphere was jovial and upbeat. Le Chéile - Diversity Not Division organised a fantastic range of speakers and musical acts for the end of the march.

The far right claim to represent 90% of Irish people. Yesterday proved them wrong. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets, dwarfing even the largest of crowds the far right have gathered over the past few months.

Apart from a few lone individuals, there was no far right counter. Solidarity works. When the far right are shown their hatred is not welcome, they scurry away and hide.

While the march was a success and it was lovely to see so many different groups out, we wish to denounce the Green Party's attempt to insert themselves into the march. As a government party, the greens are complicit in the disastrous response to the housing crisis and the direct provision system, which traps refugees in systemic poverty. You can not claim to advocate for migrants rights and housing for all while at the same time oppressing refugees and taking no action to solve the housing crisis. This attempt to wash their hands with the hard work of other groups is hypocrisy of the highest order. The working people of Ireland see right through you.

It should also be noted that the Labour Party were present despite it being a Labour Minister of State who pushed for the International Protection Bill 2015, which was a disaster for the reunification of refugee families. The Irish Refugee Council states that the processes introduced by this bill expose children to harm.

Solidarity from the Greens and Labour is an empty gesture. They claim refugees are welcome while adding to their suffering.

The IWW stands proudly with all others who attended the march and are dedicated to the causes of social justice and an end to bigotry. United, we will build a better world.

Solidarity forever #irelandforall #housingforall #refugeeswelcome Images from both Dublin & Letterkenny #Irelandforall events

1 comment

1 Comment

Feb 21, 2023

And all of the numpties go blame their woes on a few poor souls trying to escape death or oppression whist our native Gombeen class sells the very earth from beneath us...

I ndlúthpháirtíocht

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